The BFF Application Process

To Qualify

To apply for the BFF Scholarship Program you must be able to show your  willingness to persevere in changing your life through education.  Those most qualified have shown resiliency while facing adverse life events such as learning disorders, grief and loss, overcoming addiction, trauma, poverty, and other social or familial issues. This is a financial needs based scholarship and income status will be verified.  Students must also commit to 3 hours a week in “community meetings” which are used to discuss obstacles in seeking an education as well as developing plans to overcome said obstacles. Students will also be required to have a monthly meeting with Dr. Ken Newell, Ph.D. LMFT, to evaluate progress and school effort (must pass monthly review to continue receiving funding)  

How to Apply

 You are required to write a four to six page, double-spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins all around, personal statement letter. In writing your personal statement letter, you should reflect on and respond to these following guiding questions/statements: 1) What was your childhood like? Describe two or three financial and emotional challenging experiences from your life. Describe how an education and this financial sponsorship may help change your life; 2) Tell us about some teachers or school experiences that particularly impacted you in either a positive or negative way 3) What are your current educational and career goals? How do you see your enrolment in BFF programs assisting you in accomplishing those goals? 4) What are some of your passions and things that inspire you in life; 5) In addition to your four to six pages personal statement letter, please submit one personal and one professional letter of recommendation. 


Help a college student in real need

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